At STEM Avenue we our passionate about providing equitable access to experiences in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We aim to do this by providing training and assistance to front line STEM influencers so they can provide STEM activities across Australia.

What do we mean by a STEM influencer? We believe school, university and industry professionals have the potential to heavily influence the general public and students in their engagement with STEM. Our frontline STEM influencers are the ones shaping our students into the STEM workforce of the future, so we couldn’t think of more important people to support within the STEM ecosystem.

As STEM Avenue grows, we plan to provide more opportunities for those lacking access to STEM activities so as to even the playing field for all, such as those living in regional and rural areas and those experiencing financial difficulties.

Are you looking to learn how to engage the public or students in STEM or put on a STEM event? Contact us to explore how we can help.


STEM Avenue is based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We work remotely for people from across Australia, and are happy to connect with you online.

STEM Avenue Founder – Dr Emma Barnes

STEM Avenue was founded by Dr Emma Barnes in 2018. Emma has a PhD in chemistry and has worked as a research fellow in both Australia and Germany. After a chance opportunity to help out on the National Indigenous Science Education Program (NISEP) based at Macquarie University, Sydney, Emma discovered a passion for STEM engagement and communications. She went on to fill different roles at NISEP, including Evaluation Officer, Event Coordinator and her current role as Program Manager. This experience, as well as a want to help even more people provide STEM opportunities to others, led her to start her own STEM engagement consultancy. With her background in science, she has found she is well placed to assist scientists in organising STEM activities and expressing their research to the general public.

Example Client – National Indigenous Science Education Program (NISEP), Macquarie University, Sydney

NISEP uses science to place Indigenous secondary students in leadership roles at school, community and university events so they gain the confidence, motivation and aspirations to finish school and pursue pathways to university and STEM based careers.

STEM Avenue’s founder Dr Emma Barnes currently assists NISEP in the management of the overall program and in the coordination of their events. For example, Emma has undertaken the event management of the annual Indigenous Science Experience at the Redfern Community Centre, Sydney, since 2016. This event is part of National Science Week. Emma assists the NISEP team in securing grants, organising activity providers, developing resources, marketing, social media management, activity development, budgeting, and evaluation.

To learn more about NISEP visit: www.nisep.com.au or www.facebook.com/NISEP.MQ